I’ve had the amazing opportunity to have Stephanie as a yoga teacher, mentor in teacher training and as my personal coach for running a half marathon. The feeling that comes to me when I think of Stephanie is a well-rounded, precise training and coaching program. I felt every action we took was with intention and aimed to reach a specific goal. Nothing was depleted of a purpose and that is what I enjoy the most about being her trainee or student. I get the most out of every workout, every moment that she guides me to do, always with intention. I will continue to work with Stephanie and learn from her as she has inspired me to become a yoga teacher and discover the world of yoga therapy. I successfully completed a half marathon below the time we had expected, in conditions that were even more difficult than the ones I trained in. Again, thank you for the thought you put behind every movement and exercise - we definitely get the most out of what we have with you.


After the birth of my second daughter, I decided to ramp up my fitness routine and got into marathon running. After some research, I decided that I would like to complement my running with yoga, which I had never done before. I was a personal trainer before I had my children, and so I have high standards for fitness professionals. Stephanie is also a marathon runner, and she often won a number of the 10k races that I ran in. After hearing many good things about her from mutual friends, I contacted her to schedule some one on one yoga sessions, specialized for a runner who was a newbie to yoga. She made my foray into yoga very comfortable and I trust her knowledge implicitly. I would definitely recommend Stephanie for her yoga or running expertise!