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Yoga Playa del Carmen, Running Playa del Carmen
Running Playa del Carmen, Yoga Playa del Carmen

Stephanie is a mom of 2, yoga teacher and running coach in Playa del Carmen, Mexico. Originally from Halifax, Nova Scotia, Stephanie has called the Mexican Caribbean home for more than a decade. She has competed in races from 5k to full marathons all over North America and the Caribbean. She has worked with newbie runners, seasoned competitors, sprinters and Ironman athletes using yoga as a tool to promote balance physically, mentally and emotionally during intense training periods, the off-season, and for injury prevention as well as recovery.

"Yoga has supported my athletic endeavours since I was a varsity soccer player. Twenty years ago, yoga certainly didn't have the draw it does today. Yoga classes were hidden in a small room in the basement of the Dalhousie arena, where, when the heat was cranked up, we certainly knew there were hockey locker rooms nearby. At that time, I was rehabbing a hip flexor injury, and yoga not only gave me an outlet for my pent-up energy, but in fact allowed me to increase my strength and mobility while resting enough to recover. I was hooked!"

Over the last two decades, I have used yoga as a complement through many intense experiences in seeking balance. It is a practice that has been with me through grad school, travel, long-distance running, pregnancies and the postpartum experience. I began teaching in 2011 and have enjoyed sharing my personal practice and experiments on the mat, which are always the foundation for my classes."

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