"I use yoga, both in my personal practice and in my classes, as a tool for balance. My classes are designed to facilitate more comfort in the body, with the intention of promoting enjoyment in all the other movements we make, which may be long-distance running, horseback riding, gardening or playing with grandchildren! My approach is functional and integrative. I focus on pairing dualities, such as flexibility and strength, work and rest, stability and mobility. I aim to promote healthy aging among us all.


Join me in live classes via zoom Tuesdays and Thursdays at 8am EST, or get access to a complete Vimeo library (as shown below) of all my online classes, or both!"

Stephanie Morton, NAASFP MRC, E-RYT specializing in Yoga for Athletes, BSc (Neuroscience/Biology), MSc (Rural Planning & International Development).