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Postpartum Yoga in Playa del Carmen

I have a few spaces opening up in January 2023 for private prenatal and postpartum yoga classes. I particularly think that one-on-one sessions are the way to go for early postpartum (up to 3-6 months after birth) as each mom's needs are different and time allowances vary from day to day. Group classes like 'Mom and Baby Yoga' should definitely be incorporated for community and social time, but it has been my experience like any group class, personal physical and emotional needs are not always specifically addressed.

Here is a quick overview of how I like to approach one-on-one Postpartum Yoga sessions:

Within the first month, I like to give moms tools to create a personal self-care strategy that does include consideration to rebuilding strength but focuses primarily on relaxing the nervous system to help with sleep deprivation and hormone imbalances. 60-75 minutes sessions include Restorative Yoga, Yoga Nidra and Pranayama.

During this time, I will also work with a client if rebuilding strength is a priority and look at where we can establish a foundation. Because I'm a yoga teacher, this will start with the breath. Here's a quick look at where I start to think about rebuilding core strength and pelvic floor health within the first few weeks postpartum.

If you are interested in working together, I'd love to hear how I can support you. Please contact me via WhatsApp at +52 984 104 4898.


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